Your Guide to Staying Sharp and Smart in the Summer

Your Guide to Staying Sharp and Smart in the Summer

As the warmer weather draws closer, it can be difficult to transition between seasons without discomfort. The wardrobe you relied upon during autumn and winter will no longer be suitable if you want to stay cool and look smart at the same time. This is your brief guide to staying sharp as the summer begins.


Find Inspiration

When you are first looking for summer wardrobe options, you will have an easier time if you take inspiration from those you admire. This might be people you know or a general style that you follow. When you look for mens clothes in Oxford and Marlow you will notice a theme of subtlety and sharpness. The timeless summer staples have earned their approval over decades of trusted wear by all kinds of people. Being inspired by the classics will help you to build a reliable summer wardrobe from scratch.



Not all fabrics are suitable for wearing in the summer. Instead of heavy and thick materials, choose ones that allow your skin to breathe. Linen and cotton are ideal for this, especially in lighter colours that reflect the sunlight rather than absorb it as heat. Avoid wool on a sunny day, even in a fine knit, as it will trap heat.



What you wear on your feet can help to determine the message of the rest of the outfit. Smart footwear can make an otherwise casual outfit appear more sophisticated, while more casual shoes can help to dress down a smart outfit. Think about whether or not socks would be appropriate for different pairs of shoes depending on the rest of the clothing.


Casual Pieces

To still look sharp without dressing too formally, choose a shirt with short sleeves or something made from a lighter, thinner fabric. Even if you still want to tuck in your shirt, you can dress the outfit down by wearing shorts and a belt. Accessories such as sunglasses and jewellery can also enhance your outfit without making it too formal or making you too warm.


Formal Attire

Summer is the time when many people want to host their events, meaning that you will need to have a go-to formal outfit for the warmer weather. Take into account the dress code if provided with one, and bear in mind the types of fabrics that are best for withstanding the heat.



Unlike in the winter, when a smart wool coat can transform an outfit, you will need to be more creative in the summer. Lightweight jackets and blazers are ideal for looking sharp and keeping the breeze off.

In many ways, dressing smartly for winter isn't much of a challenge. There are plenty of materials to choose from designed to keep you warm, and you can easily layer various garments to create a sharp look. In the summer, it can take a bit more effort and imagination. Use the above tips to build a summer wardrobe that lets you feel sharp, smart, and ready for anything.

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